Endless Interior Design Ideas


Introducing the Victorian Theme

One particular theme that has come into vogue in recent times is a resurgence of the Victorian theme. Victorian themes are also known as American gothic. Queen Victoria entrusted from 1837 to 1901 and during these years the many concepts that interior designers used made a comprehensive mark on history. Victorian furniture was made from the darkest wood available and was of dramatic shapes and textures. Wallpaper and stenciling became popular in the Victorian era, as were intricate decorations and motifs. Smooth, plastered walls, usually painted in pale colors, could have found the typical Victorian home. The main idea in Victorian interior design is to decorate in excess. One would expect very ornate, detailed pieces and really elaborate designs.

Using the Western Theme

Another popular theme in interior design ideas is what's known in America as the Western theme. This can be made up of an eclectic mixture of interior design ideas. A typical Western-themed home may boast of many items that would certainly seem out of place anywhere else. Items such as old rifles are commonplace, as are old lamps or saddles. But all will be tied together when designed by a creative mind. A Western theme will be abundant in vibrant color patterns, usually found in the furniture, rugs, and throws. Imperfection is quite at home in Western design and somehow it looks to strike a decidedly beautiful balance. Decorating with the Western theme is bound to please a number of rugged individuals.

Additional Interior Design Ideas and Themes

For those searching for a more artsy approach to interior design ideas, you might try an African theme. The African culture is a rich, primal one filled with amazing art objects and bold contrasts and colors. African design is unique and beautiful. It combines a minimalist, organic approach with striking art and style. While African design is no doubt beautiful and eclectic, it has yet to become popular on a nationwide scale. Many would rather incorporate a small sampling of the African theme into their own interior design idea. However, with the diversity approach that African design takes, it will not be long before it will appear in more and more homes across the country.

This is just a few examples of all of the Types Of Interior Design ideas that are available. Any individual wishing to incorporate a theme into their interior design ideas need only select what theme suits the individual's personality and then have fun with it. Elaborating on a theme that any individual chooses to use is what makes each and every home unique and personable.


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