So You Want to Become a Yacht Broker


Frequently I have clients or friends say to me, “You must have lots of fun being a Yacht Broker; being on boats all day, you’re on holiday all day long”. Yes, I do enjoy it but it is a lot of work if you want to be productive. Let me explain what it takes to make it work. If you think you have what it takes, give me a call.

The difficult part.

For starters, Florida Yacht Brokers have worked as sales people a full 2 years, before a full Broker position can be achieved. Each state is different. As a Broker you might own the company or work for a parent company. As an owner/Broker as I do with Paradise Yachts, operation of a yacht sales business enterprise includes marketing, sales, marketing, accounting, banking, web site design and building, search engine optimization, tax collecting, and bottle washing. So I have to allocate my time based upon what needs to keep the business operating. But for the role of this article, we’ll just be assuming you will want to become a yacht sales person.

To begin, the principal matter is you have to like yachts; no, you have to live yachts and boating. But there is more. You have to know boats and yachts like the skin of your chin; it’s got to be your life. You have to be able to discuss boats in detail; your customers will certainly be able to do so.

Do you currently own a boat? Have you previously owned a boat? What is your experience operating a yacht? Your customers will want to talk about how things function while underway, how to dock a twin screw boat, and how things aboard operate. Can you walk the talk? Have you ever done it? Can you direct your customers based upon experience?

What’s your personality? Are you out going and able to reach out to clients? The majority of the people you meet will be total strangers.

Do you view yourself a self-starter? Are you willing to make it happen; if you don’t go to work, no one will be there to remind you?

Do you possess a basic sales perspective? Are you a customer service type of person?

Can you live without a paycheck for 1, 2, 3 months? It does and will happen. Yacht Brokers only get paid when we sale a yacht. You must have good money management skills.

Are you willing to work 7 days a week, every day including holidays if required? I work every day, usually 12 hour days. Clients look at yachts everyday and you must be willing to take the telephone call or respond to the e-mail at any time.

Are you up on computers? Are you comfortable on a website? You’ll need to possess a powerful computer, printer, and scanner and have internet capability to upload yacht listings online.

Are you an accomplished photographer? Can you use a digital camera and use photographic software. You will needat least a 8 mega pixel digital photographic camera. They are not cheap!

Can you pull through a full background investigation? If you want to work in Florida, it’s needed to get a license. If you work in another State, you will not be able to enter the State of Florida working as a yacht sales person.

Are you prepared to shell out $600.00 every 2 years for the exclusive right of carrying that license?

Do you have a cell phone, Blackberry or iPhone; you can’t live without them.

Can you survive the unbearable hot sun or endure pouring rain to show yachts to customers?

Can you deal with with irritating clients that often demand more than you wish to give?

The easy part

Do you wish to have an endless income? Yes, the money you make is up to you.

Do you like having fun? Yes, it’s a lot of fun seeing a new, happy boat owner. And yes, we do get to have our fair share of boat rides.

Do you like meeting many new acquaintances? Every stranger I meet is just a friend I haven’t yet made.

Do you like being your own boss? In the boat business, you get to call the shots.


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