The Private Label Concept


One of the most profitable and appealing concepts ever to have been created by anyone is the Private Label concept. This concept is one where the creator of a product allows someone else to buy the right from him to re-brand his product. Once re-branded, the customer (let's call him the "Rebrander") can then resell it or package it with other products in any way he chooses – usually without any more payments to the original creator of the product.

It's appealing to the Rebrander because it does not have to spend weeks or months or never in having to create his own products. All he has to do is pay a fee for it and he has a product within minutes that he can call his own, to make money from immediately.

And it's very profitable to the original creator of the Private Label product because there are MILLIONS of potential Rebranders out there who would pay a reasonable fee to him just to have something to make money with under their own names without putting in any creative effort.

This is because we're all lazy by nature. We were not born to be hardworking. We do whatever is necessary to meet certain objectives – and if we can avoid doing those things and still achieve the results we want, we would. Why not?

Now someone once said that:

Success Can Only Be Achieved With Hard Work.

I say that:

Success Is As Hard As You Want It To Be. Or It Is As Easy As You Want It To Be.

Laziness is in itself not a bad thing – otherwise the computer, the car, paper, the phone, the airplane and many other great conventions would probably never have been invented. So hardships to success are best deal with ingenuity and creativity – not hard work.

Here's a paradox:

HARD WORK is EASY to do because the alternative is THINKING of alternatives for it.

For some reason, thinking is very hard work for most people. Harder than doing hard, physical work.

That's why so few ever spend enough time thinking. They'll rather DO the work, to avoid thinking about how to avoid doing it. But if thinking long and hard for just a few minutes, or hours, or days can you free from a lifetime of physical hard work – why not end hardship for just a few minutes, hours or days instead?

You see, one of the pillars of my Business In Your Pajamas! concept is not to work as hard as you can – but to work AS LITTLE as you can, doing the LEAST amount of work necessary for you to achieve your goals, whatever it may be.

If you're making money on the Internet selling digital products, or through Google AdSense or you're an Affiliate for a Merchant – your Internet Business components like your web sites, your Blogs, your Autoresponders, your e-mails, your Discussion Boards , even your e-books – all require one thing. Good, quality CONTENT. If you do not have content, you better have a good physical product or service to sell because otherwise you'll have no business to make money with.

Now you can come up with those content on your own (which is once again hard work for most people), or you can buy inexpensive Private Label content from the mushrooming Private Label Content Providers on the Internet today.

I've checked out many of them and they all give you good value for your money since the providers are selling only digital products in the form of Private Label Articles, Private Label E-Books, Private Label Software and so on, all of which cost them practically nothing to reproduce for their Customers as duplication is done by their host servers and delivery is through the Internet directly into the Customers' computers.

With very little cost to worry about – and many millions of Prospects to sell to, Private Label Providers can lower their costs significantly so that as many Rebranders as possible around the world can buy from them. This is a very simple formula for riches using digital products and a very appealing concept that anyone can do as long as they have the will and the mind to do it.

Those Rebranders can do the following:

1. Use the articles on their own web sites, blogs, autoresponders, e-books, etc to help them make money either directly or indirectly; Egypt

2. Repackage the products from various Private Label Providers and offer them as a new package to other Rebranders.


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