How To Properly Care For The Interior Of Your Vehicle


One of the largest reductions to the interior of an automobile is human body oil. Research proves that body oils on interior surfaces can cause significant life-shortening damage to your car via body oil emission. Someone who jumps into their vehicle during the warmer weather wearing very little can cause serious damage to the interior surfaces of their car, truck or van. The pH in perspiration is highly acidic and can damage a vehicle's interior surface coatings, including leather steering wheel covers, shift knobs, door panels and arm rests.

For vinyl cleaning and detailing a heat-weld method of vinyl interior work will yield the best results. This is a unique vinyl fusion process that re-grains or re-textures the repaired area. This process is so effective that it produces practically invisible results.

In order to achieve the desired heat-weld method in interior work, you must first master the technique of color matching. You can learn of this process using color matching guides and training videos. As far as detailing goes, this skill is a valuable one to have!

Removing stains is a big part of car detailing. Almost every car owner will deal with stains at some point wherever it is from kids dropping stuff on the carpet, pet stains, or just simple carelessness of your own.

Common and troublesome stains on the interior, carpet and seats, include oil, grease, butter, vegetable oil, margarine, cosmetics, and blood.

Always use a neutral soap or neutral products with a pH of 7. You will avoid a chemical reaction with this soap. Your best choice in cleaning solutions for these types of stains are solvent based and so should be used with great care.

Begin to clean the stains by scrapping all excess and then reduce the stain to as small an area as possible. Try a plastic razor blade for this purpose. They work well. Next, gently dab your solvent cleaner onto the stain without ripping and it should start to come up. If there is no form of discoloration from this process then you can now wipe away gently.

Too complete, use foam type upholstery cleaner and wipe. Finish with warm water on a rag and your stain will be cleaned. Afterwards use a dry vac or a hand held dryer to dry the area if it is carpet or upholstery otherwise just let it go overnight and it will be just fine.


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