How to Select a Business Charter Jet Provider?


Many CEOs of large companies like to cut down on travel time and rather be productive. Shareholders are not paying him or her for hanging around in the airport lounge. They pay a CEO to create value. These CEOs turn to charter jet providers in return. But picking a charter jet provider proves to be difficult task for an inexperienced flyer. The easiest way to find a reliable charter jet provider is via referral from a business partner or friend.

But no matter how you find a business charter jet provider, you should ask questions to make sure you pick the right carrier to work with. The following questions will help you ever to pick your preferred charter jet carrier of the future.

1) How does the Safety Record look like?

Ask for Safety record data including how many years is the company in business and how many miles are flock (total and per year). What are the safety and security systems and procedures? Find out what kind of training the pilots receive and how experienced the pilots are.

2) Customer Service

Will you be assigned a dedicated representative? 24/7 customer service available? How experienced are the customer service reps and how well are they trained to work with rich clients or VIPs?

3) Company History

How long has the charter jet company been in business? What is their reputation? Ask for references and verify this information.

4) The Aircraft Fleet

Does the charter company actually operate aircraft or are they just a broker? Owned or Leased aircraft? Are all planes in one location or will you have access nationwide or at least regionwide? How old is the fleet? Are the aircraft on their first ownership or is the fleet used (compare to a used car)?

5) Charter Flight Pricing

What is the pricing scheme like? Fixed prices? Soft prices? Extra fees for what services? Extra fees if booked on a short notice? Get a feeling of how much the service will cost you.


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