Private Jet Charter: Traveling With Pets


Can not bear to leave the family pet in a kennel and do not want your trusted companion stuck in commercial's cargo section? No need to worry. One benefit of private jet travel is the opportunity to take the pride and joy of the family with you in the main cabin.

Despite the fact that pets are often considered members of the family, the FAA classifies pets as cargo. Generally this means that they must be appropriately secured, most commonly in an animal carrier, during takeoff and landing for the safety to themselves and others.International travel poses additional procedures and restrictions, and these may differ from one country to another.

Prior to booking your flight, inform your charter operator if you plan to travel with your pet. They can check if there are any restrictions or requirements and ensure that the jet can accommodate your pet.

Some Helpful Tips:

o If using a travel carrier for the first time, give your pet at least a month prior to your flight to become familiar with the carrier to minimizeize his or her stress during travel.

o Talk with your veterinarian about prescription tranquilizers if you are considering sedating your pet during traveling. Make sure to specify it is for air travel.

o Bring along a confirmation of your pets immunization (to verify a clean bill of health).


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