Private Jet Timeshare – Sharing A Jet Is Another Way To Go


Only want a private jet for a short annual trip and you take the trip at the same time every year. Why not consider private jet timeshare. This is basically a private jet rental. What happens is someone who does not need the use of a jet frequently or who only needs it a certain times but wants to make money off the plane while they are not using it themselves can timeshare it. This means that other people or companies pay a fee in order to use the plane during designated times. This means that the plane gets constant use instead of sitting around. In addition, the owner can earn a nice profit off the use of the plane when they themselves are not using it.

This is an excellent alternative for smaller companies or for companies who only want to use the plane once or twice a year for meetings or other events. They can save the expense of having a plane themselves and do not have to worry about first the initial expense or the overhead expense that comes from having to maintain the plane.

This is also good for individuals who take yearly trips at the same time of the year every year. This means that they can reserve the plane for that part of the year and then they know that they will always have a flight available. In addition they will always be able to fly without having the hassle of security, waiting in line, promises, getting everything checked having luggage lost, having luggage come at a different time on a different flight.

Whether you are, a company or you are a single individual who wants to enjoy the luxury and convenience of a private jet without all the hassles that go with owning one or chartering one then a private jet timeshare may be something to consider. You should only consider this if you use it a few times a year or the jet has the times you fly most available for you. It is important to check out all the details before agreeing to anything with timeshare limits.


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