Luxury Paradise


Luxury villas as the name suggests is a luxurious accommodation. The villas provide all possible ostentations and grandeur. Koh Samui has over fifty villas of different features, sizes and locations. Koh Samui has developed over the years as one of the major destinations for luxury holiday lovers. Beautiful beaches, pretty natural surroundings and vibrant marine and wild life of Koh Samui attract lots of tourists every year.

These villas are located ideally and offer views of the beach and tropical lush. They are well-connected to airports and markets. Villa Fairways is a luxurious villa located on the Maenam beach. It is a three bed room and three bath villa with stunning views of the white sandy beaches and of the Sanitburi golf course.

The Astasia villa is situated on the Lame Set beach. It is a luxury holiday villa with the facility of four bedrooms and four baths as well as a private pool. Villa Genga which is a hillside villa set in the hills of Baan Bagh Makham has amazing views of the sunset coast. Villa vista de amen corner is another favorite villa among the tourists and is situated on the Maenam beach with stunning views of samurai golf and country club as well as the tropical view. It has five grand rooms, four baths and a private pool for leisure, swimming and afternoon naps.

Villa Cherrier located on the Baan bang Makham beach, Villa Baan Tawan, Villa steel, Samui beach village, sunset rock, Gluay Mai, Samui blue, Maenam villa and the heights are among the top rated villas in Koh Samui.

The Koh Samui villas are ideal for people of all ages. Whether it is honeymooners, families, elderly people or children, everyone has a reason to cherish at Koh Samui.


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