Traveling in Style With Private Air Charter


Chartering a private aircraft for your travel needs is one of the best ways to fly in style. It's the mode of travel chosen by celebrities, politicians and wealthy folks. Commercial airlines are not a great choice for well-known travelers; which is why they frequently choose to fly privately. While most people can not handle the cost of buying their own plane, many can, and do, hire private aircraft; even those who are NOT celebrities. You do not have to be among the wealthy to use and benefit from a chartered aircraft.

When private air charter makes sense

Travelers who use private air charter services say that convenience is the number one reason for choosing to fly privately. Commercial airlines maintain all control of their flights. With private flights you have full power over over the schedule, passengers, menu and beverages. You may choose your destination, which airports to use and you can opt to fly through multiple destinations. There are no long security lines, cramped seats, or unjustified delays. Your trip is completely enjoyable and comfortable.

Rising ticket prices on Commercial flights

With the climbing costs of first and business class commercial airline tickets, private air charter services are not out of the question any more. Most private aircraft are priced on a per plane basis, not per passenger, so for group trips using private aircraft can be especially cost effective. Many businesses and groups of friends choose this option not only for the convenience, but also for the affordability. Depending on several criteria, including the size of plane, many are surprised to find that private aircraft are far more reasonably priced than they once thought.

Multiple destinations are no problem

Say you have a specific location or a group of locations you'd like to visit. Most air charter services can handle multi-destination itineraries with no problem. While a majority of private flights can fly into and out of major metro airports, one of their big benefits is that they also can fly into smaller, regional airports. This option makes it easier for many travelers as they arrive at a destination that is closer to their intended target.

In addition, passengers on private flights can choose which amenities or equipment to have on board during their flight. If it's a business trip there may be items available to facilitate meetings with executives in flight. For families specific food or beverage requests can accommodate the children. The bottom line is, you are in charge and are able to determine all the aspects of your private flight.

Safety is essential to your trip

Since you are in charge of your travel, you can shop around with various air charter companies and check on their safety records. Be sure to check on your pilot's training and credentials. There are some companies who hire younger, less experienced pilots. Unlike on commercial airline flights, with charter services you are able to find out exactly what sort of background your pilot and flight crew have. This allows you to find the safest, most reasonably priced air charter flight service.


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