Private Jet Planes – The Average Cost of Private Jets


Everyone yearns to fly in the sky but not all can afford the luxury as the Jet Planes are really costly and will make a big hole in your pocket. You will find plenty of new and used Aircrafts for sale in the market and amongst that; I will recommend you to go for the used ones since the price is a bit low. Of course, if money is not a question for you, then you can definitely buy a new plane. It all comes down to how much you can afford to spend on the featured aircraft's. There is a super cool Supersonic jet which will be coming in 2014 and will cost around $ 80 million. The price tag suggests that this plane is made only for those Russian billionaires. You will drool at the weekends that these airplanes have to offer. The Supersonic jet will take you from New York to Paris in just four hours. Get this aircraft if you want to reach your destination quickly and do not want to face a lot of hassles in your journey.

There are plenty of planes available in the market right now and they contain both used and unused ones. If you are looking to buy airplanes, you will be surprised to see the host of options that are waiting there for you. Used crafts can cost you as low as $ 1,500,000. The cost depends on what you want and what you are buying the aircraft for. The price depends on the age, features (that the plane might have or if you want separate ones), and the size of the plane. Remember that a cheaper airplane does come with a catch: you may have to spend additional money on repairs and maintenance. The gas mileage is also a bit low as compared to new aircraft.


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