Luxury Safaris for Honeymooners


If you're considering getting married at some point in your life, and you do not consider the institution of marriage to be archaic and outdated as many young people do, the problem of where to go on your honeymoon may be giving you sleepless nights . Goodness knows it's an important decision. You need to find the right place to not come out of your room for 10 – 14 days. If the idea of ​​a tropical beachside resort bores you and you get cold too easily to fancy skiing, you might want to consider a luxury safari in the Kruger Park. The emphasis is on luxury because the hosts at Tinga Private Game Lodge, the Lodge recommended for honeymooners, pulls out all the stops when it comes to ensuring your comfort and anticipating your every need.

Roughly 20 years ago 2 lions fought a battle for territory and survival under some Makkelberry trees along the banks of the Sabie River, within the Kruger Park. The lion that won was called Tinga and the Lodges are named in honor of him. Tinga Lodge is located nestled at the junction of the Sabie Rivers, from where one can experience all the richness of wildlife and the wonders of nature that the Kruger Park has to offer. It sits on 5000 hectares of land in a private concession in the Park. The Tinga vehicles have access to the entire Park, so you need not worry about missing out on any of the sights, like the big five.

If you are going to insist to going out and doing things, other than honeymoon things, then this really is the place to be. The list of activities is essentially endless. There are early morning safari drives and evening game drives in open Land Rovers. There are guided bush walks, Big Five tracking, which would make good party stories for several weeks after you get back, and there is wine tasting. There are also spa treatments which include mudpacks, aromatherapy and water therapy. There is a curio shop and the Lodge even boasts a library and a wine cellar. Of course there are also extravagant bush breakfasts and dinners to look forward to.

There is even, and this is no joke, a golf course in the heart of the Kruger Park. You can play golf amidst Big Five, but do try stick to the fairways; you would not want to have to go looking for your ball in the bush. There is no telling what you might run into. If you're on your honeymoon though, golf might not be such a good idea. You could try some squash or tennis; fun couple sports that you can both have a good laugh over.

The activities continue with a private helicopter trip that not only takes you over the park it also takes you over the spectacular scenery of the surrounding area, for example God's Window, Burke's Luck Potholes and the Sabie Falls.

The Lodge also has a boutique store where you can buy fashionable bush wear, African artefacts and luggage to accommodate all the new clothes and curios that you have just purchased. Cameras, film and batteries are also available in case you forgot yours or in case an elephant accidentally stands on it.

After your hectic day of spa treatments and helicopter rides you can relax and have an ice cold drink on your private deck and swim in your private plunge pool. These are just 2 of the facilities that are standard with all suites at the lodge. Other facilities include an en suite bathroom and shower, a large outdoor shower, which must be incredibly romantic to share at sunset, a fireplace, a mini bar and fridge, a mini safe and air-conditioning because it gets very hot in that part of the world.

If you are a television addict or if you simply can not miss your sport, there is a TV with satellite to soothe your addiction. As the area is on the edge of a malaria zone they provide you with insect spray, mosquito repellent and citronella wipes. It is not strictly necessary to take anti-malaria tablets but it is up to you and if it would make you feel safer then take them.

The opulence and luxury of the lodge make Tinga the ideal place to stay for a honeymoon. Africa boasts gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, if you're so inclined, the scenery is breathtaking and where else do you get the chance to see such a wide variety of animals? In the pursuit of romance a touch of the wild mixed with lots of first-class service can not be beaten.


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