Style Secrets for Your House


We all want our homes to look like they just stepped out of a magazine page. What are the secrets to those gorgeous photo layouts? Can we achieve that look and still live in our house? Do we need to hire a professional home stager every time we change something? There are secrets that can be used to make your own home photo-ready!

  • Start with fresh flowers. Treat yourself once a week to flowers, and buy the same type. A large bunch of carnations or daisies looks much more extravagant than a single rose. Group them together for an opulent look.
  • Clean the windows. Nothing says WOW! like sparkling windows.
  • Declutter- more is not necessarily better.
  • Keep your collections together. Group a collection on a tray and set it on an end table. Less clutter, easier to clean, and you can move it from spot to spot.
  • Corral magazines and books. Keep these stored in an attractive basket, or line neatly on your bookshelf.
  • Hang pictures in a grid or grouping. You get much more impact this way, than hanging everything by itself.
  • Bring the outdoors in and vice versa. Use branches, twigs, seashells, leaves, and found objects in vases inside your home. Bring decorative pillows and candles outside to make an outdoor room.
  • Go larger than you think. When accessorizing, a large piece of artwork or grouping of artwork makes a statement. Do not be afraid to oversize these pieces.
  • Fluff your throws and pillows and change them with the seasons.

These simple ideas will transform your house. Of course, keeping it as clean and clutter free as possible gives you a great blank canvas to play with. From there, view each room through the "eyes of a camera" and start accessorizing. Envy your own house for a change!


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