Beating Pornography Addiction – A No-Nonsense Approach


If you are serious about beating pornography addiction then there are a few immediate things you need to do to be able to overcome it once and for all.

Firstly before you can do anything about the core problem that pornography and sex addiction comes from you need to remove the temptation from your life and this involves putting blockages to pornographic material in the place where most people get their fix: the computer.

  • Delete all pornographic material from your computer, all movies, images and so forth.
  • Delete any links to porn sites from your computer, clear out your cookies, delete any passwords you have and delete your internet cache to be sure nothing remains.
  • If you are involved with chat rooms and online sex make sure to block anyone who might tempt you and delete all non essential programs.
  • Get a adult site blocker, there are plenty on the internet that will restrict access to any pornographic type site so if you do accidentally go to a site that might tempt you it will not show.
  • If you have some support with this get THEM to install the site blocker so you do not even know how to override the system making it even harder to access pornographic material online.

If you are intent on beating pornography addiction do these things NOW … not tomorrow, not next week NO delays do it now!

Done? Right now you can move on to the next steps which can actually get you results and change the way you think about pornography, sex, intimacy and yourself which are all things that become skewed and misrepresented by an addiction to pornography.

The only real way to beat your addiction for a long term solution is to understand why you keep going back again and again and this does not mean simple answers like it feels good because being an orgasm addict is too simple a reason. Beating pornography addiction comes from understanding the problems in your life that drive you to view pornography on such a scale you class yourself as an addict which means it is having serious negative repercussions in your life.


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