The Benefits of Private Aircraft Travel


Private aircraft travel provides a host of specific benefits to the discerning affluent traveler. Whether for leisure or business, more people are discovering these benefits without having to break the bank. Some of the key benefits are covered in detail below.

Time Saved

Time saved traveling by private jet is an invaluable benefit. Minimal time spent during check in, boarding and travel are the most obvious time savers. The fastest aircraft in the civil fleet is the Citation X business jet. Capable of speeds up to 869 kph it can travel from Los Angeles to New York in under four hours, faster than any commercial flight. Passengers can plan their own flights circumventing inappropriately scheduled commercial flights. Ultimately, this is reflected in increased corporate productivity and more personal time.

Private aircraft are exceptionally capable of landing in thousands of smaller airports, delivering you closer to your ultimate destination, and cutting out hours of traveling by road. Travelers utilize this versatility to fly directly to a meeting, a favorite golf course or vacation spot. Spending quality time with family and friends is the pivotal factor for individuals utilizing private aircraft.

Security Features

Private aircraft must meet safety and security standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The service provider controls all issues relating to safety and security. Private aircraft have some of the best security features, originating in part from the limited passengers that each aircraft carries. These features help protect intellectual property rights, reduce public exposure and guarantee safety of passengers. Case in point, when employees from one company travel together the risk of terrorism is essentially non-existent.

Money Saved and Earned

Time saved equals money saved. Companies experience the most benefits in terms of converting time saved into monetary returns. Valuable travel time saved by executives can be redirected to create strategic opportunities, direct sales and marketing and effectively compete with rivals. Private aircraft make it easier to visit some of your important distant customers, partners or suppliers, either by you visiting them or bringing them to visit you.

On average, chartering a private jet for a group costs 20% more than flying by first class. Trips that would involve overnight stays at hotels and travel by commercial aircraft can be converted into day trips by using private aircraft. This results in time and money being saved concurrently.

Personal Comfort and Freedom

Private aircraft afford an unparallel level of personal freedom and comfort. Pilots usually check personal identification, allowing passengers to circumvent tedious airport security. Flying according to your schedule and enabling onboard open discussions and meetings is another important part of this benefit. In addition, equipment and baggage vital to passengers can be transported without being misplaced or lost in baggage handling.

Fear of flying is pretty common and these passengers can plan their trips to bypass bad weather and other situations which cause anxiety. Short term changes including requests to turn flights around and return to the boarding point are also possible.

High Service Standards

Client specific catering, flight stewards and limousine service, are some of the add-on benefits offered by service providers in this sector. Although not available on every type of private aircraft, client specific catering can include champagne, caviar or regional delicacies. Customer requests may even include special food for pets traveling along with them.

Flying privately has been around for decades. Recent developments have opened it up for leisure travelers and mid level managers. This trend is set to continue with people willing to spend extra to get that extra bit out of life. So whether you think about fractional ownership, jet cards or charter cards there are many private aircraft options that provide a host of benefits.


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