Bahamas Yacht Charter


The sun, sights and sounds you'll experience on a Bahamas yacht charter will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed for years to come. A simple Google search of 'yacht charter Bahamas' is all that's needed to prove the popularity of this kind of vacation as the number of search results is simply astounding. Whether a sail or power yacht best suits your preferences, there is much to be enjoyed. Indeed, more and more people are choosing to spend their vacations on a Bahamas yacht charter because of the terrific flexibility one when when compared to a land-based or cruise ship type of vacation.

700 islands and over 2400 cays make a Bahamas yacht charter one of the most fun and visually stunning. Bimini, which is located only 45 miles from Miami, Florida, marks the northernmost point of the Bahamian Island chain. Such procurement to the continental US makes getting to the Bahamas a surprisely short and hassle-free trip.

In the Bahamas, there is such a wide array of attractions and types of places, you will not be able to help having fun. Nassau, for example, is a busy town dedicated to providing you with the most entertaining nightlife you could ever imagine. From luxurious restaurants, to glamorous casinos, to truly wild nightclubs, if you love the nightlife, there is not a better place. Nassau is located on New Providence Island and plays host to the massive Atlantis resort and marina. While near everywhere you could decide to go on a Bahamas yacht charter will present you with powdery white beaches and turquoise water, the quality is not easily matched in Nassau.

If the nightlife is not your cup of tea or you just need to relax from the night before, there is still much for you to enjoy while on a Bahamas yacht charter. In Barbados, you'll be able to find some of the most amazing natural wonders this world has to offer. In Harrison's Cave, for example, expect to be amazed at the gargantuan stalactites hanging from the ceiling and equally large stalagmites jutting out from the water. Also, within this cave, you'll see waterfalls that have been described as nothing less than magical as they descend from the heights and splash down into hauntingly green pools of water. Also located in Barbados is Orchid World and Andromeda Gardens. Between these two fantastic attractions, you'll bear witness to some of the most rare and beautiful flowers you've ever seen.

Truly, a Bahamas yacht charter has too many benefits and attractions to mention. Intriguing architecture, first-class golf courses, lighthouses and miles of beauty of natural beauty makes a vacation in the Bahamas one of the most fun and memorable experiences you could have.


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