Using Area Rugs As Wall Hangings


If you have a large wall in your home that needs a decorative touch, the best thing you can hang is an area rug. Area rugs are not just for walking on. These rugs have been used for centuries as wall hangings and can be still used this way today. You can use an area rug as a wall hanging on large and awkward walls to avoid that blank, unfinished look.

If your home has a two story entry way with a large wall, this could the ideal space for an area rug to hang. Not only is an area rug able to cover a large amount of space but it will be lighter to hang than a heavy picture frame. It will also look nicer on the wall. This is an easy way to incorporate color into a room without having to pick up a paintbrush.

Even if you live in a smaller home that does not have a large wall that needs adornment, you can still use area rugs as wall hangings. Just use smaller rugs. Instead of struggling about what type of wall hanging you want to put somewhere or purchasing a picture that you do not really like, you can use an area rug.

When you are choosing an area rug to hang on the wall, you should choose one with some sort of design. You will not want to hang a plain area rug on the wall, but one with some type of design. The design does not have to be ornate, however. Although there are rugs that are made primarily as wall hangings, any area rug with a design can be used in this manner. This will not only add color to the room, but it will also add a bit of warmth. The area rugs on the walls will make the room seem cozier.

You can use a hangings system when you are hanging an area rug on the wall of your home. These hanging systems are found in most frame shops as well as craft stores. You will want your rug to hang straight on the wall, and lay flat. With some rugs, you need only secure the top of the rug to the wall and it will hang naturally. If the rug is lightweight, you can use strong hanging tape to secure the rug to the wall. In the worst case scenario, if the rug falls down, you do not have to worry about glass breaking. You can simply hang it up more securely.

Look for area rugs that you like and that display the type of color scheme that you have in your home. Hanging them up with double sided tape is an ideal way to incorporate these rugs as artwork into your home and is perfect for apartment living as you do not have to worry about putting any holes in the walls. Whether you live in a large home with large walls that need to be filled, or a small apartment, you can find area rugs that are perfect for hanging in your home.


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