Pixar Cars by Disney, Re Enactment, Lightning McQueen helps Radiator Springs cars. Real nice remake.

Please subscribe to our videos, this is a new re-enactment I made using cars from Disneys Pixar Cars, it is from the scene where Lightning Mcqueen is allowed to eave and get to his race because he fixed the road. But before he goes, he gets new tires from Luigi and Guido, new paint from Ramone, new stickers from Lizzie and new night vision goggles from Sarge. However, there was one other car he had to impress and that was Miss Sally, Lightnings “girlfriend” . So he arranged with all the cars to fix up the town and get all the old florescent lights fixed, so when nightfall came, they turned on the switch, and the town of Radiator Springs looked like it did back in its Heyday. Sally was impressed, and thanked Lightning for all the things he did to help everyone.
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