Why Organics Are No Longer An Option


Everyday we are exposed to numerous pollutants and it is inevitable some association is made between modern society and ill health.

As a nation we are better fed than we have ever been and yet when it comes to vitamins and minerals we are incredibly malnourished. Our over cultivated soils are depleted of natural nutrients and the widespread use of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers as well as airborne industrial pollutants makes our crops a hazard to our health.

Did you know people are supposedly exposed to 50,000 chemical agents in their lifetime?

Appropriately –

About 1.5 billion lbs of pesticides are sprayed on wheat and vegetable crops.

The average apple has about 110 chemicals on it by the time you devour it.

In most cities there are 700 chemicals in the water.

Food is exposed to about 10,000 chemicals during preservation and processing.

I find that incredible. How about you?

Chemicals and toxins are everywhere and often we do not realize it. Until I suffered from mercury poisoning caused by my dental amalgam fillings I had no idea that the second most toxic substance on the planet was inside my mouth! You can read the full story in my book Autism, Amalgam and Me – Jodi's Journey Continues , but it just goes to show that maybe we need to ask a few more questions.

That shocking revelation led me to investigate further why my son has autism and I am convinced it is due to the toxic preservatives used in childhood vaccines. What insanity causes people to knowingly inject thimerosal (a mercury derivative), aluminum and formaldehyde (both toxic substances) into seemingly healthy very young children immune system is only just developing?

Almost 1 in 2 of all men and 1 in 3 of all women will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. It is the second leading cause of death today and yet in 1901 the incident was recorded at 1 in 8000. So what's changed?

Some people will argue it's just because we live longer but just maybe it's more to do with the chemical revolution since 1940.

Everyday more and more chemicals are approved by the Environment Protection Agencies but never tested for long term health effects. We are living in a chemical soup.

Apart from being in our vaccines they are in our food, drink, household products, furniture, toiletries and cosmetics. Teenagers are particularly at risk. Puberty which causes rapid cell development makes tissues more vulnerable to external toxins. Beware of the dangers lurking in your bathroom and make-up. Infertility and Breast Cancer are big issues!

Nature provided us with an incredible planet, providing us with truly natural food and ingredients so why spoil it with synthetic chemicals?

The answer to this one is obvious – financial gain.The laws of economics mean that many people profit from the use of synthetic chemicals including the food industry, cosmetic industry, advertising, and health. The list is endless and unduputedly they are here to stay. However, more awareness could mean more regulation, which could be a good thing.

Where once going organic was an expensive luxury it appears now to be no longer an option. If you want food without any harmful chemicals, cosmetics and skin care with absolutely no synthetic chemicals and toxins you must seek out products bearing the internationally recognized Certified Organic labels.

These are your guarantee of organic integrity, and to ensure absolute safety you need to read Certified To Organic Food Standards.

Fortunately they do exist.


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