Landscaping Rear Yard – Here's A Simple Designing System


The process of landscaping a rear yard starts with the observation of the rear yard or the backyard. You can take notes of the existing features in your backyard on a small notepad that can influence the landscaping design.

There are many factors that will alter the design sketch such as presence of a big tree in the backyard. Also take not of external influential factors such a sunlight, shadows of the house building falling on the ground and their direction, wind directions and wind speeds, etc You do not have to be very scientific about this but these things are important.

After this is done you can note down your requirements in your rear garden This list may include a lawn surface, rock garden, swimming pool, play area for kids, outdoor patio, fishpond, etc. You can even ask your family members their own requirements about this. Even as your kids about it, because sometimes kids come up with great and unique ideas.

Now you have with the facts about your rear yard and your requirements. The next thing is put a sketch plan on paper that will fit most of your requirements easily. You might have to compromise here some of the requirements. For example if the swimming pool is too big for your rear yard try replacing it with just a small fishpond with a fountain in it. Also while designing the landscaping garden keep an eye on the budget side of garden.

In this way you can go on creating many alternatives for rear yard landscaping design. Show this design to your family members, friends and see what they think about it. After this comes the stage of hiring a landscaping contractor or if you have the skills start executing the garden on your own.

This is just a small review of the kind of process through which you can go. This system will save your money and time by cutting down many disadvantages of poor planning.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya


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