Dubai Commercial, Residential and Retail Properties for rent


There are lots of tax free zones and new businesses being registered in Dubai every day. No property stays on sale for long in this mad world of skyscrapers and hot spot districts, as people want to invest and buy the best there is. And since its Dubai, everything happens to be better than the previous one. This being said, there are lots of properties available all across Dubai for lease and rent.

Booming Business

Dubai has seen a huge increase in population over the past decade, investors from all over the world have started coming in and investing and setting up their roots for a future of more success to come. The population of Dubai in 2001 was roughly around 1 million and it is already reaching the 4 million mark as the year of 2009 is coming to an end. During the month of May in 2002, the Dubai Government opened up the rule books to make it possible for anyone of non-UAE nationality to buy and own or lease property to others. This included for all commercial properties , Residential and Retail properties too.

Shortage of Retail space

All this while it was just the boom of residential properties, but now it’s time for a boom in  commercial properties as Dubai is already is facing shortage of commercial properties compared to the number of available residential properties. With people from the world over coming in to be a part of the rapidly growing Dubai economy and with tourism at its peak, the need for Retail space is growing the most. This is the reason even the rental and the lease costs are high in almost all the parts of the city. You are only lucky if you are able to find one at the hot spots of the city.

Longest and the Biggest

Dubai is growing very fast with new projects coming up such as Burj Dubai,  which happens to be the tallest building in the world and even clever projects such as Business Bay. Even the Palm Islands and the World Islands are getting a lot of attention from the worldwide media.


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