Sex Tips: Sex on a Boat


Taking a boat out on the lake or another body of water can make for a pleasant afternoon’s activity – and can be even more pleasant if the trip includes some sensual activity. There are a number of sex tips to keep in mind when attempting sex on a boat, of course; in addition to taking steps to ensure appropriate penis health, as one needs for any kind of sexual activity, there are other things to keep in mind as well.

Dress appropriately.

Assuming one is talking about a boat of a rather modest size, without changing facilities, it is a good idea to make sure that one dresses appropriately. Take time to consider whether one will be shedding clothes or merely pulling out the appropriate equipment while remaining essentially clad. If the former, easy-to-remove swimsuits are often ideal; if the latter, perhaps shorts with a zipper are best.

Another option, which can provide extra fun: Leave the clothes behind altogether and wear beach blankets. Men can wrap them around the waist, women wear them like a sarong. Removal is easy or they can simply be re-draped to provide adequate covering while one is engaging in nautical sex.

Watch for splinters.

Few things can ruin a romantic sexual escapade faster than a splinter in the rear – or anywhere else, for that matter. Many boats have floors, seats or sides that have worn down a bit from wear and tear; the result can be a likelihood of splintering.

Take a few moments to inspect the boat beforehand to see if splintering is an issue and determine in advance the most appropriate place on the boat to engage in sex. Also, make sure to bring blankets or beach towels and lay these down on any area in which sexual activity is expected to occur.

Get rocking.

One of the big advantages of having sex on a boat is the incredible feeling of the boat in motion during sex. Even when a couple is lying still, waves may be gently lapping against the board, creating a slight but discernible rocking. When a couple begins having sex, there is likely to be even more rocking involved. This can be tremendously exciting and can bring a new thrill to the sexual act.

Pick the right positions.

Finding the right position may be a challenge. One position that is generally viewed as being especially good for a small boat is as follows:

The man sits against one side of the boat. He leans back and drapes his arms over the side of the boat and sits with his legs spread and his knees bent. The woman places herself with her back against the opposite side of the boat. She edges over until she is able to straddle him, with her legs resting on his shoulders and her vagina engulfing his penis. The man can gently thrust while the woman tilts her pelvis back and forth. The balance should keep the boat rocking without tipping dangerously.

Consider a night cruise.

One of the challenges, of course, is engaging in sexual intercourse in what is essentially a public place without attracting undue attention. One solution is to go forth on the waters under the cover of the night – which can also add to the romantic nature by placing one directly beneath the beauty of a starlit sky. As an added bonus, a moonlight lake tryst means no danger of suffering unfortunate sunburn on especially delicate skin.

There are other sex tips to consider when making love on a boat, such as being sure to regularly use a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to keep the member in excellent health. The best crèmes will include L-arginine, an ingredient that helps boost nitric oxide creation, which helps with keeping penile blood vessels open. In addition, a crème with vitamin C is recommended, due to that vitamin’s ability to aid collagen production and penile tissue firmness.


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