How To Sell A Rural Property


Rural properties need a little bit more work to sell successfully than a property in a town or suburb.

Three key reasons why you need to do more research to sell a home in the country:-

1.  A lot of properties are still sold when people see a ‘sold sign’, despite the rise of searching for property on the internet, so there are less potential buyers passing ‘a rural property’.

2.  It is much more difficult to choose an estate agent as it’s not always obvious which one is the better agent to sell your property.

3.  Valuing a rural home is more difficult as there aren’t so many comparables as for example, a two bed terrace or a 1930s property.

So the first task is to make sure you research how people locally have succeeded in selling their home. If you are in a small rural area, you are bound to find or know someone that has just sold their home – or indeed just bought one.

Top 10 Questions to ask local people/recent rural sellers:-

1.   Which agent did they use and which office did they sell through?

2.   Did they use one or two?

3.   Which agent sold the property?

4.   How many buyers did it take to sell the property (the norm is 10 viewings to receive an offer)?

5.   Where did buyers come from – within the village, from another village, suburb or town?

6.   Did they sell for the price they were asking or less (you can check sold prices on-line)?

7.   How many weeks was the property up for sale before they accepted an offer?

8.   Were there any problems post offer stage?

9.   Are there any plans to build more homes/other things in the local area?

10. Are there an restrictions to change the property, for example, add an extension when the property/local area is part of a Conservation Area.

Even if you can’t find anyone that has sold locally or nearby, these are exactly the kind of questions to ask estate agents when they come round to value your home. But, how do you choose the right estate agent?

And don’t forget, if you are in a small village, someone locally might be interested in buying your property, so why not try to canvas the local area or talk to people and mention you are thinking of selling even BEFORE you engage an estate agent.


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