Vaughan Town Spain Reviews – Working As an English Volunteer in Spain

This article will tell you a little bit about The Vaughan Town Volunteer Program. You will discover answers to the following questions:

  • What is Vaughan Town?
  • Where is Vaughan Town?
  • What is the Vaughan Town Volunteer Program?

This is suitable for anyone who is thinking of doing volunteer work in Spain, for anyone who has a week to spare and for anyone who enjoys meeting new people and engaging in interesting conversations.

What is Vaughan Town?

Vaughan Town was an idea that came from a man who ran a language course. His name is Richard Vaughan. He wanted to find a way in which Spanish people could be fully immersed in learning the English language without having to leave their country.

His solution was to offer a group of students the opportunity to travel to a small town, where they would mix with a group of English speakers and basically converse all day everyday in English.

This one week course proved to be very popular and helped to improve the student’s language and listening skills.

There are courses available all year round and they usually consist of around 15 Spanish students and 15 English speakers. These English speakers come from a variety of countries including the UK, USA, Australia and Ireland.

People who were not born in an English speaking country but are fluent in the language have also been accepted on the course and English speaking volunteers.

Where is Vaughan Town?

The Vaughan Town Experience is currently available at 4 different locations in Spain. Each location has been chosen because they are in pretty picturesque towns or villages. Each place has a hotel that is big enough to house 30 individuals as well as the support staff for a period of 6 days.

The Vaughan Town locations that you can visit and take part in this whole experience are:

Valdelavilla – A rustic style villa which is about 4 hours away from Madrid. This is located in the mountains of the Soria province.

The Sheraton Santa Maria de El Paular hotel in Rascafria – The hotel location is about an hour away from Madrid. This little village is home to a 15th century monastery called Santa Maria de El Paular Monastery.

El Rancho de la Aldegüela in Torrecaballeros – This quaint little hotel is about 2 hours away from Madrid. It is in the province of Segovia. It used to be a 17th century farmland and has now been converted into a hotel complex with an extensive restaurant.

Gredos in Barco de Avila – This location is near the border of Salamanca and Extremadura. It is about 3 hours away from Madrid. Each hotel room boasts fantastic mountain views and the town, which is a 30 minute walk away, has great tourist attractions including a castle, an aqueduct and even a prison.

What is The Vaughan Town Volunteer Program?

In order for this language course to run efficiently, it needs a constant influx of English speaking volunteers. The English speakers are provided with free bed and board at these exclusive 4 star luxury hotels as well as free transportation to these locations.

In return, the volunteers are given a daily schedule which includes one to one sessions with a Spanish student. You are expected to converse with that student for about 50 minutes so that they can hear English spoken in a normal, natural conversational way, as opposed to listening and learning grammar points.

The benefits for the students include the opportunity to hear a variety of different accents, learn new colloquialisms and to make new friends.

In Closing

If you are looking to do some volunteer work in Spain or you are looking for a way to add to your travels then you should definitely consider taking part in the Vaughan Town Experience.

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