Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 Boat Review – Boat Buyer’s Guide on Second-Hand Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2



The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 is a luxury cruising sailboat that represents a balance between performance, comfort, and elegance. It has fine entry lines, a responsive and quick hull, and an unencumbered deck layout, together with luxurious 3-cabin accommodation below deck. Teak joinery is blended with white fabric liners to create a bright feeling. A second-hand Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 is a yacht that comes with a well-deserved reputation as a fast luxurious passage-maker.

Who and what was this boat designed for?

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 is 45-foot monohull aft-cockpit fiberglass sloop that a couple can sail anywhere either alone or with family and friends in comfort and style. It has a simple rig that is powerful enough for fast, fun cruising runs or passages, and it’s surprisingly quick and stiff under sail. The boat has a self-furling mainsail that doesn’t need battens and a high-cut, furling Genoa with enough power to speed through an ocean seaway.

What commentators say about this boat

The hull, keel, rudder and rig, are simple, powerful and created to enhance fast, safe and comfortable shorthanded sailing.

On deck, the 45.2 combines Jeanneau’s trademark clean, modern lines with an easy-to-handle, all-furling sailplan controlled from the huge aft cockpit.

The innovative, well-appointed interior makes living aboard for long periods an alluring option.

It has the feel of a hand-crafted yacht in which the care of craftsmen still dictates the structure and finish of every detail.

We coveted the boat’s swim platform aft, marveled at the huge cockpit with a table for six and envied its interior volume.

Model variations

There are two different layouts:

  • An owner’s version, with a single cabin forward and two double cabins aft.
  • A charter edition, with two double cabins forward.

Jeanneau offer two keel versions:

  • A bulbed fin keel with a standard draft of 6 feet, 7 inches and a deep, balanced rudder.
  • The shoal-draft version, which may prove more popular in many sailing areas in the United States, is 5 feet, 3 inches.


  • Length overall: 46ft 5in (14.15 m)
  • Beam overall: 14ft 8in (4.48m)
  • Deep keel draft: 6ft 7in (2.0m)
  • Shallow keel draft: 5ft 3in (1.60m)
  • Weight: 10.25 tons (9300kg)
  • Engine: 59-65hp
  • Fuel capacity: 45 gallons/54 US gallons (205 litres)
  • Water capacity: 87 gallons/105 US gallons or 130 gallons/158 US gallons (400 or 600 litres)
  • Mainsail: 375 sq ft (35 m² )
  • Genoa: 623 sq ft (60 m²)
  • Spinnaker: 1395 sq.ft (130 m²)

What’s great about the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2

  • Under sail the boat is very solid and easy to steer.
  • Clean hull lines with a fairly narrow entry.
  • Designed for fast, safe and comfortable shorthanded sailing.
  • Easy-to-handle, all-furling sailplan controlled from the aft cockpit.
  • Good power/prop combination for motoring.
  • Good design and layout for 6 to 8 people.
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Jeanneau has a long pedigree of designing and building large custom yachts and family cruising boats.

What to look out for on a pre-owned Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2

If you’re buying a used Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2, owners have reported some things to watch out for and potential faults that might occur on this boat from time to time.

  • The speed and windward point is compromised some by the extra weight and design of the shoal draft.
  • The 135 Genoa is a little small below 10 knots.
  • Buying an ex charter boat means it has probably been well maintained but heavily used and should be considered a much older boat.
  • Some owners have reported that older Jeanneau yachts fitted with a spade rudder have the potential problems with the top rudder bearing rusting due to the fact it sits in a metal frame which can trap water. To check, remove the emergency tiller cover and shine a torch onto the top bearing and the frame in the space immediately below.

Keeping your Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 in shape

When buying a used Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2, regular scheduled servicing and attention to some minor points will keep your craft in top condition. Jeanneau provides a comprehensive user manual for this boat.

Regular servicing

Carry out regular engine and drive servicing in line with the manufacturer’s recommended intervals.


  • Check all stringers and ribs for delamination or cracks caused by a hard grounding.
  • Rinse the sails with fresh water every so often and dry as soon as possible to prevent mould.
  • Avoid drying the sails in the lee on the mast, as shaking can wear away the seams and the sail could potentially be torn off by the rigging.
  • If you leave the sails on the mast, even for 24 hours, protect with a cover against UV rays that could damage the sail.
  • Inspect the rudder closely.
  • Check the keel/hull joint.
  • Moisture check the deck and regularly brush with a degreasing shampoo and fresh water, but make sure you do not use any solvent or solvent based products.
  • Rinse the plexiglass/fibreglass with fresh water and brighten up with soft rags soaked in paraffin oil.
  • Check the mast from top to bottom before each trip and regularly check the chain plates and stays for condition.
  • Regularly check the jam cleat jaws on the running rigging for condition and inspect the halyards for wear and tear.
  • Rinse the windlass and anchor chain with fresh water after every trip.
  • Protect the interior of your boat from UV rays by simply pulling the blinds down.
  • To keep your varnish pristine occasionally rinse with degreasing shampoo, mixed with fresh water, then polish with a chamois leather.

Laying up

We don’t currently have any specific information on laying up the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2.

If you have ever owned or worked on a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 and would like to share your thoughts, then get in touch and we’ll add your information to the page.

Model-specific repairs

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 is not known for needing specific repairs more frequently than other boats.

Why buy a pre-owned Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2?

This is an all-round aft-cockpit performance cruiser that exudes class and refinement. The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45.2 is an attractive package for a cruising boat. If you are looking for a second-hand fast luxurious cruising yacht, the Sun Odyssey 45.2 makes an excellent choice


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