The Advantages & Disadvantages of Small Luxury Cruise Lines


There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages, ups and downs in everything in life. In cruising with small luxury lines, there are also two sides to it. Small cruise lines are those cruise lines that are often not too heard of. These smaller luxury lines however, are also competitively able to lure in the customers they need.

Choosing to cruise with smaller more intimate line might come short on your standard of quality service if you are used to cruising with the top of the line cruise ships. If you are one of those people who enjoy the crowd, small luxury cruise ships might not give you the number of heads you would consider a crowd. The amenities and different on-board classes and activities available might also be limited, considering the cruise line and crowd is smaller. But it is not all bad however.

Cruising on smaller ships can also do you wonders in terms of the privacy you might want to have during the trip. Another thing that you will not have to worry about is lining up for amenities, using the facilities, and even in getting served in a timely manner when it comes to food. There is also a higher chance of befriending the crew since there are only a number of them, but enough to give that personalized service to each and every person on board.

If you choose to sail on a smaller more private ship or a big luxury line, whichever you choose, you will surely enjoy. Weigh your options and priority and see whether it is the big or small ships that can best cater to your needs. Cruising is definitely one experience you will undoubtedly remember!


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