The best interior & furnitures to find in Norway

The best interior to find in Norway: The interior site a site we have been writing about before. The Swedish startup was founded in 2016 and has already reached an amazing number of active users. As today the site or service has around 150.000 visitors each month and an revenue of 1 million Swedish Kronor. Last year Roomly aslo released a new site in Denmark, When we mail the CEO of Roomly they tell us that the danish site still moves a bit slow regarding to visitors but in the right direction.

Moving into Norway

They are expanding fast and moving in to new markets and countries. A month ago the Swedish marketplace released the Norwegian site All the countries inc Norway has the same goal to make it easier for customers to find interior and furnitures online. The idea is to take all interior stores into one stop, one shop one stop. Marketplaces are a new point of view when it comes to e-commerce. Make it more accessible to shop from. has 65 different furniture stores connected and over 100.000 products. Everything from sofas and beds to wineglasses and kitchen items. The smart thing for consumers who visit the site in Norway and Sweden is not only that they can buy from 65 stores on one place. It’s that they also can compare the prices and terms of conditions.

Interior design Norway

Marketplace for interiordesign

Another big marketplace in the US is Amazon. But the difference between them is that Amazon is big, very big. They offer all kind of items like clothing, makeup, car parts, books and much more. That make the customer confused on what to buy. The sites that focus on on a nisch will be the new winners in the competition for the consumers. More and more companies like Roomly are getting more attention out there.

So if you are looking for a great site in the Nordics Norway, and is a very good start if you looking for interiordesign.

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