432 Park Avenue, New York

We usually don’t publish concept architecture here at Modiator but this building has something extra that we really want you to take part of. This is the 432 park avenue, a new skyscraper under develop on Mahattan, New York.

One of the taller buildings you’ll see on Mahattan when it’s ready and as I understand only residents, no offices, or at least not many.

As you can see on the images above the apartments will be very exclusive and modern. If you buy one on the top floors that will give you the absolute best view over the city. I can image that the prices on these apartments will go sky high when released.

The interiors of ’432 park avenue’ are functional and luxurious, and centered around the panoramic views that each apartment features — framed by 10? x 10? windows, with the arrangement of the rooms and floor plans also dictated by the apertures. – designboom.com

Images © dbox for CIM group & macklowe properties

Source http://www.designboom.com/design/deborah-berke-on-the-interior-design-of-432-park-avenue-01-17-2014/

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