The future of gasoline – Preem

Future gasoline is a Swedish innovation that reduces carbon emissions compared to gasoline made ??from petroleum. It works just like regular gasoline, but is partly made ??from waste products from the Swedish forest industry.Even if the product is not yet out on the market, Preem gives out 5000 liter free, this to show politicians that there is a demand for green fuel that works in cars we drive today. The hope is that more people would want a liter of future petrol instead of the traditional one, that will greater the chance that the politicians do what is necessary for it and makes it public at stations.

A few years ago Preem launched Evolution Diesel, a diesel partially made ??from pine oil. It contributed last year to Sweden and lowered the carbon emissions by over 400,000 tons, equivalent to the emissions from about 216,000 cars. Future gasoline should work the same way.

Take a peek at the video above for more details 🙂

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