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How is it possible that a traditional French drink found their home in the cold North? What has made such a strange bird found a place in our Swedish hearts, and been a part of our drinking history for over 150 years? And also managed to maintain its popularity and constantly find new customers. Welcome to the story of Grönstedts – a Swedish national treasure .

In 1824 Johan Daniel Grönstedt arrived to Stockholm determined to make a name for himself in the big city. After twelve years at various restaurants and establishments the 28 -year-old Johan Daniel decided to take over a basement in the Old Town which served as both tavern and a wine cellar. The enterprising young man creates quickly a reputation for its good refreshments. After several successful years came a new milestone in his career – in 1846 he opened a new store where Johan Daniel Grönstedt made his first brandy under his own name .
In fact Grönstedts is the only cognac in the world authorized to store their products outside the French region . Anything to keep giving the Swede his favorite cognac .

Watch the video above for more history behind Grönstedts

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