Porsche 356A Speedster – a Sense of Occasion

Classic cars are just a little more special. The sound, the finnish, there is the sensation that something distinct and superior is taking place because of the rituals observed and details you notice. Here is a 1956 Porsche 356A T1 Speedster, wich is just a spectacular car. For example the windscreen is removable, the seats have a thin fiberglass shell and the steering wheel is elegant and spartan. There is little concession to comfort and virtually none to safety, a sports car.

When the Porsche 365A T1 was released it was the least expensive Porsche ever made and had a “less is more” philosophy behind it. But none of this has compromiced the original idea, that this a car that is intended to be taken to the track and be a legitimate club-racing contender.

According to the owner, Mr. Jon Warshawsky, “It feels like a racing machine.” When driving on B-roads, “you feel like you should be on the track.” There is an intimate mechanical interaction because the power-band is narrow; both you and the car have to agree that the next shift is appropriate. This is as close you can get to an constant dialogue between you and the car. Simply an Immaculate machine.


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