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In recent years, Sonos has been a leader in Hi – Fi sound thanks to popular devices such as the Play : 3 and PLAY: 5th Via the connection from a router backbone, creating a proprietary Sonos wireless ecosystem to provide you with an impressive level of control over your system. With Sonos , you get an array of cool features that go far beyond what you find in your average Bluetooth, AirPlay , or Play – Fi device. But the pricing of Play : 3 and PLAY: 5 , despite its many advantages kept many buyers at a distance .
But now the Sonos Play : 1 here. For only 1798kr get your Sonos last baby and the price is really competitive.

Sonos Play : 1

When you unpack Play : 1 from its black box , you get a sense of quality. The little speaker is quite heavy and feels ” real ” . There is a tube with sound , robust casing where the sound seeps out is done in a solid part which makes it both stylish and breathable quality. Above and below the steel case , we find matte plastic in black or white (Which are the colors you can choose from). Up to find you the classic two buttons : one for volume and one for play and pause . Which is one of the innovations that PLAY: one brings. Previously, the little button a mute button , now it’s a play, pause and ” change tracks ” button . The difference then becomes so clear that your song does not continue in silence , without actually paused when you press the button , which has its obvious advantages. Since the ability to change the song on the machine instead of using the application is a big plus. To change tracks , make a classic double – click ( the same way as you do to change the song with your headphones App ) . The only disturbance around the silver frame was a pair of ports on the back , one of which was an Ethernet connection , and the other a hole for wall mounting … then it’s obviously an electrical cord , but you can not complain so much .

When you buy Sonos – Play : 1 today , and even in July (I think) , so also includes a Sonos bridge , a small white platform that makes it possible for each of the speakers to communicate with the system wirelessly via its hardwired connection to a router. Normally costing bridge around 498kr , so that’s generous.

Features and Design

It comes in either black or white , which makes the play: one to an attractive little speaker that takes up very little space and fits into most homes. The small tube containing a set of mono drivers, including a 3.5 – inch subwoofer , and a 1 – inch tweeter , it is both driven by class D amplifier, and the DSP. Sonos speaker receives music wirelessly , but is still limited by the power cable that does not make it completely mobile .
Aside from the actual design and the performance of the speaker, so it is often not the decision of the Play : 1 or Sonos itself is right for you. Without it, rather with whether you think you can stream wirelessly. The system has plenty of nice features, but it also has some points that differ from the usual Sonos wireless speakers.

For those not familiar with the Sonos system , we should mention that the Sonos speakers do not play directly from your selected device’s own music app (eg spotify to your phone) , which means you can not use them as a source for video , or just like iTunes or Google Play. To use the Play : 1, you must have the Sonos Controller app that you find in your device’s appstore , where after you upload your music via eg Spotify app in the Sonos Controller app into a queue. It sounds more complicated than it is . The system can record your computer’s full music library , but to do this you will also need the Sonos app on your PC or Mac. The system does unfortunately not up some files over the 16 – bit resolution (CD quality ), and it does not like WAV files.

Sonos system takes a little extra work, yes , but the time you spend will result in some very cool features that you can not find in most wireless systems. As I mentioned above , the system can access your entire music library , as well as songs stored on your smartphone or tablet , or files from a Network Attached System (NAS) . Apart from these local options , so Sonos app loaded with radio stations from around the world , including Rdio , Pandora, Spotify , Amazon Cloud Player , Rhapsody , SiriusXM , iHeart Radio, and many more. We work constantly to bring more options, so that Sonos suit all users.

Music can then be controlled from several different smartphones , tablets or computers. Any change made by a unit changes the whole system in a seamless transition . Easily add more speakers in the system and from there you can name each speaker, or choose the room where it will be placed from the controller in the app. The system is set up so that the more Sonos components you have, the cooler will be your experience. When all components are connected , you can then group them however you want. This is where the fun begins.

With groups , you can play music in perfect synchronization , or play different songs at all . Do not you have music in your bedroom while you are not there , then reduce the volume or simply disconnect the speaker from the group. Since you are not using your device’s audio system, so you can call, surf , etc. , all without disrupting the music , which is unique compared with standard wireless systems.


The simple answer to the question of how to play: 1 speakers are , so it would be easy just to say, ” damn good .” You are clearly the best experience if you run them as a stereo pair , but that mono speaker , it is still cruel. Certainly one can always wish for more bass , but that’s why there are larger versions of Sonos. I have my Play : one in my bathroom , which is possible since the Sonos Play : one is water-resistant (not the same as waterproof ) and it delivers really good! With its cylindrical shape and solid design, so spread the sound very good and it sounds as good from every angle.


With great versatility, solid performance, clean and stylish aesthetic design and tons of features available, so is Sonos Play 1 a really good högtalre. It stands equal to the option that costs almost the double. And the idea that you get the opportunity to combine with several speakers and manipulated from one place to the Sonos Play: 1 gives a really unique and cool wireless experience. If you want a wireless system that you can build on how much you want, or just a cool little speakers deliver great sound, then Sonos Play 1 a speaker for you.

  • Clean and smooth design
  • Good detail and dynamic expression in sound
  • MASS functions
  • Cruel Wifi signal
  • Cruel base for its size
  • Cons
  • Mono speaker may lose some of the rich feeling
  • Could come with battery for full mobility

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