Nybrogatan 57 in Stockholm, Sweden

Once again the bright swedish architects at Oscarproperties has something extraordinaire to show us. This is the newly restored Nybrogatan 57. It’s located in Stockholm, Sweden. The building was built from the beginning in the 1935-1936 by architect Erik Lallerstedt.

As other properties we have listed here on Modiator from Oscarproperties this one has something extra in mind. The people in this apartment building will have access to breakfast on Sunday mornings, dry clean pickup and delivery and much more interesting. This kind of treatment and offers are rare in Sweden and makes Nybrogatan 57 and Karlavägen 76 very special.

Please visit oscarproperties.se and take a closer look at Nybrogatan 57.

Images from oscarproperties.se


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