Oak Forest villa in The Netherlands

Oak Forest villa: Designed by the Architectencsk and created in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. This is the final piece of the wondeful modern house far away in the oak forest.

The house provides a luxurious settig to live in. After a great analyze of the area Architectencsk architectsdecided to make the ground floor based on a X formation. On the second florr we can find bedrooms, dining area and the kitchen.  In the centre of the x formation house we find and office an more bedrooms with connected bathrooms.

Of course the house also contain a tech room, multipurpose room and garage.

Take a look at the images above.

More info of the Oak Forest villa can be found here: http://www.trendir.com/house-design/villa-k-curves-in-an-x-formation-through-oak-forest-in-the-netherlands.html

Images from architectencsk.nl

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