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I tend to want to bring some light on my home country of Sweden here on Modiator. Sweden is among the countries where citizens rename most often, according to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) . At the same time , Berlin is one of the cities that are growing fastest in popularity among Swedes. I am one of those Swedes who think Berlin is the new hot spot. I think we in Sweden are very artistic, we like our fashion, arts and music are like religion to us. Berlin has all these components, with it’s ever evolving music, arts and fashion sceen. Lufthansa has acknowledged that Swedish love Berlin, so thru a new marketing campaign they are trying to find out if “we” love Berlin so much that we might consider changing our name to start a new life in the city.

New York has thru out these past 100 years been “the” city for starting a new life, but Berlin is now on it’s way to take the crown as the place where people travel to start a new life and achieve success. How it actually is to start a fresh life in Berlin is something that Lufthansa now study closely, and they want you to take part in this study. The first step is to change your name to Klaus Heidi and provide the jury with proof of this together with the best justification wins everything needed to start a new life in Berlin, including an apartment with the rent paid for a full year .

The activity is called ” Are you Mr Heidi ? “. On Mr Heidi.se you will get all the info you will need. The campaign will last until 28 November when the airline hopes to decide the winner among other things can show the change of name to Klaus- Heidi in form of a valid registration excerpt from the Tax . The name is an amalgamation of two common German name , signaling that the competition is open to all: she , hes out there.

Lufthansa will also include a lot of extra goodies in the price – to say the least ! The winner Klaus- Heidi , will be flying direct with Lufthansa from London . At the airport in Berlin Mr Heidi will be taken by a taxi to the apartment, where rent, insurance , electricity and water are paid for a full year. In addition, Mr Heidi will also get an intensive course of the German language so that Klaus- Heidi gets the best of chances to master the language.

On the site Mr Heidi.se Lufthansa will also be offering discounted tickets to all destinations across Lufthansa’s global network. It also offers the ability to rename on Facebook for additional discounts . The activity will start on 11/10 2013 and runs until 28/11 2013 when hopefully someone has displayed a valid extract from Tax with the first name Klaus- Heidi.

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