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Watches are an important accessory to all mens fashion. It’s something that tells other people what sort of personality a person have.  This new brand Centenaire is designed by two guys from Sweden and is, if i say, really something extra.

This is what Centenaire say on their site:

We’ve always been captivated by time. It’s a mind-blowing phenomenon. Over the years, it has divided many philosophers and thinkers. Some of them say it’s real, some say it’s not. Newton claimed it to be absolute and Albert Einstein proved it to be relative. 

To be completely honest, we don’t know what to believe. Something we do know however, is that in whatever way you choose to spend your time, you should look amazing in keeping track of it. 

We believe that watches are something far more than a means of telling the time. It’s a unique and personal object that holds valuable memories. The purchase of a watch is often linked to a personal milestone – the first promotion, a marriage or the birth of a child. It’s also the perfect gift for someone you love.

Almost one century after wristwatches became popular we decided that it made sense to make one of our own. And when we started looking at the design and feel of our watch – we choose to look and be inspired by the other things we love. 

We spent our childhood summers on the French Riviera. It’s such an amazing place; the dry rocky coastline, the smell of ancient pine trees and the warm evening air filled with the chi-chi-chi of a thousand crickets. Even the Parisians come here in the summer – and we all know how the French are never wrong about anything!

We’ve combined the feel of the Cote D’Azur with an immense focus for materials and details. The rose gold case and the crisp black dial blend together perfectly to create a stunning looking watch. We even removed the second hand to minimize any clutter.

One could say it’s a traditional watch, with a dash of new.

Price: 280 euro

More info about Centenaire can be found on their site here!

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