Testing out SONOS Play: 3

Great speaker for the home


Sonos Play: 3 is the speaker that looks very small but stands out from the crowd. Revue has tested the speaker and now understand why it is so incredible popular.

SONOS is a company that paid attention to Apple’s AirPlay feature. It is one of the features of the Play: 3, which is absolutely worth mentioning. The entire experience is easily controlled via an app available for iPhone and iPad. If you do not have access to this then there obviously the option of a remote control that can be bought on the side. The ability to run around the apartment / house and quickly change the song via SONOS own app is a freedom that we believe that most systems in the future will be integrated. The speaker is an incredibly affordable device. The price of around 2,700 kronor (vary in store) may sound expensive to many but it is actually one of the cheapest all-in-one speaker that is currently available on the market for audio systems. One could compare SONOS Play: 3 speaker with B & W Zeppelin Air iPod, a wireless speaker in the same class, which costs about 6000 crowns, ie twice as much as the price of Play: 3

The Test

We have tested two Play: 3, which together are connected via a “bridge”. Bridge is a device that can be purchased on the side. It is used to connect more speakers wirelessly. You need a bridge to run the speaker wirelessly (otherwise the speaker is connected via the Internet jack). We also tested the system in two environments. First and foremost, it is important that it works as expected in an everyday situation, ie home an ordinary day when such standing and cooking. In our second test, we took the whole hog slightly. Music is the hand-in-hand with celebrations and therefore we felt that it is obvious that one can use the Play: 3 in a more intense environment where dancing and loud crowd abound. So we pulled together a team of about 40 people and gave us some food and a lot of refreshments. More on this below.

Sonos Play: 3 at home

It is an ordinary Wednesday and I stand and cook a better dinner with some friends. While running music from one of the speakers in the background at an acceptable noise level so you can easily talk. I’ve put on a playlist from my Spotify account (Yes, Spotify is available as option in SONOS app). When coming to the sound, it is clearly above expectations. One of his friends even asked what kind of sound system I have. After dinner, we take a glass of wine and sink into the living room where I put the other speaker. By the sync together so I hear the same music in the kitchen where I stand and disks that my guests in the living room. The evening draws to a close and I’m really pleased with the whole dinner party, much to the music and the sound of SONOS Play: 3 was absolutely fantastic.

Sonos Play: 3 at the party

It’s Saturday and it starts to contract to a party. It is Philip who this time will test the system in a more JOCUND environment. Philip bought home all supplies and laid out nicely on the two tables. Both speakers are strategically placed in two corners of the living room. When the first guests step into the sound level lower than what can be expected us later in the evening. Filip easily control the music via his iPad as he added a properly seized (we have experience of it will be like many cooks in the choice of the song later). Time passes and now the majority of all connected to the party, about 40 people. The noise level has tripled since the start and it has also the level of the music. People mingle and in some places it is danced and sung with. Philip has now changed from controlling the system from the iPad to change the song via their iPhone (easier to hide in your pocket). There is absolutely nothing wrong with the sound from the speakers. The quality is actually quite amazing as it is now running fairly high. There is no maximum level but not far from it. There is none of the guests who come forward and ask to be lower (has happened before with other audio systems) or the like which also indicates that they are happy with the situation.

This is a review from the swedish tech site Revue.se

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