Super Yacht Charter


Super Yacht Charter, an enjoyable vacation option indeed: A super yacht charter is generally understood to be the opportunity to enjoy a short time onboard a vessel of opulence, crewed and equipped for ultra-luxurious living. It caters for the highest levels of comfort, safety and convenience. They are great way to enjoy a relaxing, quality holiday with family or friends. This is not a vacation for the masses, it is a vacation for the rich and wealthy or somebody lucky enough to be the subject of a company’s generous corporate hospitality. The long and short of it is, if you find yourself on a super yacht, you are one of the elite.

In common usage, a yacht refers to a vessel used mainly for pleasure, either directly by the owner or by others under a short-term charter (lease) arrangement with the owner. The length of the arrangement usually extends over a number of days or weeks, sometimes a few months. The vessel is powered by the wind, a motor or a combination of both.

Although super and mega are terms often used interchangeably in everyday discussions, for formal purposes they are distinguished based on vessel length. A mega vessel falls in the range 30 to 60 metres. A super vessel is longer than 60 metres.

Virtually all mega and larger yachts are chartered fully crewed. Few bare boat charters are concluded in this class. The yacht is supplied with skipper and crew which usually includes a chef, hostesses and waiters. Most vessel services also supply a set of pre-set itineraries allowing the charterer to customize the ports and locations the vessel will visit.

Large yachts can be a two-edged sword. Their size offers spaciousness and comfort and allows a multitude of pleasure items to be fitted onboard including spas, a gymnasium, movie theatre, a helicopter pad and so on. However, their length and draft can also limit the marinas and bays that can accommodate the vessel. Clearly however, there is a multitude of locations where large vessels can venture. Although the majority of your time will be spent at sea it is cool to moor up and be seen in your yacht!

In conclusion, a super yacht charter is an option attractive to many individuals and businesses. Firms are increasing selecting this option to both entertain customers and reward employees. The vessels are well equipped not only for comfort but also safety, having available equipment that is state-of-the-art and crew that meet the highest standards.


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