3 requirements of a well-structured mall


Recently I visited a few shopping malls in Gurgaon. Their design and concept were commendable and they were all extremely well planned. From the point of view of an architect and designer like me, more or less all of them reflected of an extremely well thought out process of planning. Vision is another crucial thing required for designing anything. Think of yourself as someone visiting the mall, plan according to ways in which you would find it convenient as a visitor there. Unless you imagine yourself, you can’t decipher what’s good and what’s not.

The malls of sector 50 in Gurgaon are worth a special mention for their structure and designing. I would like to point out a few features which help in designing a mall successfully. As mentioned earlier, planning is an integral part of designing and conceptualizing. It has to be done meticulously and after a rigorous research. So here are a few things to be kept in mind if you are all set to design the perfect mall.

Food Court

Food court is one if the biggest attraction of the visitors of a mall. It is often the maximum crowd puller of a mall. A food court should be strategically planned; it should be spacious enough to accommodate guests. Know the maximum capacity of the food court, and then plan the seating area. Mind the area of the cash counter, it should stand apart from the main area and have room for a queue! The counters should preferably be arranged in a circle so that none of them gets too far for the guesta to carry their food to their seats.

Driving in area

One main areas of the mall is the drive-in area. The drive-in or drop in point should be planned in accordance to the mall entry, the accessibility to the elevators, the main road the parking area, everything! Where would you want your guests to be dropped off before they enter you mall? That is the way they take the first step inside your mall. So keep in mind the drive in area which is as important as the mall interiors.

Parking lot

With the drive-in area the obvious next step is the parking lot. How many floors do you need to dedicate to parking area? This think depends on how big you mall is planned to be and the kind of customers you are trying to pull in. Plan for a buffer area to serve as parking in case of exceptional rush which is common during holidays and offers. Guests would first look for a spacious parking area and then enter your mall. So you know how much emphasis on the parking areas.



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