Fresh Lobster


When it comes to celebrate special occasions, seafood has always been a favorite for everyone. Among all the other kinds of seafood, lobsters occupy a very special place in the menu card. Many consider lobsters as a luxury and thus, the addition of a special lobster recipe in the menu denotes the grandeur and specialty of the occasion. The secret behind the exotic taste of the lobsters lies in the fact that they taste best when they are cooked live and fresh. The demand for fresh and live lobsters is always high, which explains their high price rates.

The emergence of Internet has made the availability of fresh lobsters quite easy. Several companies accept online orders for fresh lobsters and deliver them within the next business day, if ordered before a specific time stated on their websites. The lobsters are caught fresh from the ocean, packed in insulated containers, and shipped overnight to the specific destinations. Other than fresh lobsters, these companies also offer a variety of other seafood such as salmon fillets, sea scallops, leans, and swordfish steaks to add variety to the dinner table.

Every order of fresh lobster preparation companies an array of Littlenecks or plump steamer clams, a reusable steamer pot, stuffed quahog, a placemat and lobster bibs. Also included are claw crackers, picks, and instructions on how to eat lobsters. Various lobster recipes and cooking guides are also part of the order packages offered by some of these companies. Individuals may order different sizes and quantity of lobsters according to the need of the occasion.

Placing online orders is simple, easy, and interactive. Individuals can order for different lobster preparations displayed online with their price quotes and quantity, or they may order fresh and live lobsters according to their specific requirements. Seafood gift packages and restaurant information are provided by some of these companies displayed on their websites. Orders placed on Saturdays may be charged additionally. Individuals, that, need to go through the delivery terms and conditions carefully before placing orders that may differ from one company to another.


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