Types of Pontoon Boats


Pontoon boats are great and come in different types, which differ in size, model, features, etc. Each of the different types has both advantages and disadvantages. What I will be doing here is providing you with a summary of different types


Being the most common type among major pontoon boat manufacturers. it is well-known for its ability to withstand corrosion, which reduces the risk of rusting and in turn; reduces leakages. Aluminum pontoon boats lasts long because of its durability. It is the most popular type of pontoon boat in the market. They can be painted often, to the taste of the owner, which makes it more appealing. You should know that although aluminum ones can withstand corrosion when exposed to water and moisture, exposing them to mud or sand can still cause rusting. They are the most expensive type of pontoon boats, but their maintenance cost are quite low and it’s durability makes it so popular nowadays.

Foam filled

The exterior part of a foam filled pontoon boat is made of plastic, which makes it cheaper to manufacture and a thick protective shell is not needed to cover any hollow interior. One amazing feature about this type is that they are not hollow and leaking will not be a problem. These type of pontoon boats have to be made narrow, because if made wide, the pontoon boat sits at a more lower level in the water, which reduces speed by increasing drag and also makes it consume more fuel. Water logging is another problem which foam filled pontoon boats suffer from. If you are noticing that your pontoon is leaning or tilting towards one side, then you should not use it until you get it fixed. Repairing this fault can be hard because welding is often used, which is not applicable to foam filled ones.

Fiber glass

Fiber glass is a light material which is fairly durable, hence its use in the construction of hulls for several boats. It is rust proof and a lot of people prefer its appearance. It also performs quite well on water. The downcast about this type is its high cost of making repairs.


This type of pontoons are usually cheaper because of the material used, and were trending when some of these new pontoon designs were not yet out. A big disadvantage with Steel ones is that steel is corrosive and will rust when exposed to water and moisture from the atmosphere. As rusting being a problem to steel ones, it is just a matter of time before you start seeing cracks and leakages. Frequent maintenance and big repairs have to be made to keep the boat going and is often done on a yearly basis, in which sanding and painting jobs are done to prevent rusting.

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