Living on a Boat Full Time Has Advantages


Living on a boat isn’t the conventional way to live but it can be interesting and fun. Many people live on a boat for many different reasons. Some people live on their boats to save money, some travel a few months a year, and then there are some that just love the water.

Some people live on a boat because they love the view when they get up on the morning. Looking over the river, lake or ocean is a great way to start your day. If you can not afford ocean front property living on a boat can give you the same view for a lot less money.

Sleeping on a boat will be some of the best sleep that you ever had. The rocking of the boat will gently rock you to sleep and you will sleep better breathing the fresh air that surrounds the water that you are sleeping on.

Marina fees are usually not that expensive compared to living in an apartment or a house, they will usually include the electric and the water sometimes even cable and Internet. You can save money living on a boat. This will allow you to work less hours, yet still have plenty of money.

Of course there are some drawbacks with living on a boat. There isn’t as much space as your accustomed to in a house. You will have to carefully choose what items you want to bring with you to live on a boat. But then cleaning out the excess also clears your soul. With less things to worry about you don’t have to feel clutter, you can’t buy much stuff because you don’t have space leaving you to concentrate on other things that are important to you. Instead of shopping you may find yourself visiting with people that live beside you, or attending a cookout thrown together by your neighbors at the last minute.

After living on a boat for awhile you will learn to enjoy free things you take pleasure in watching the sunset instead of watching television.  In the mornings you are not rushed as you get up with the birds and have your morning coffee outside with nature as companion.

Living on a boat can be great to save money, get back to nature and enjoy your life. You really can’t be stressed out for long while living on a boat, it has its own way of calming and soothing you.


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