10 Things You Don’t Know About Edmonton

If you are planning to visit Edmonton, Canada any time soon, you are in for a big treat. This is one of the most vibrant cities in North America and no wonder it has been christened Canada’s festival City. There is something happening every minute at the street corner, theaters, parks and any other available space.

This is one of the few destinations where you can still find something fantastic to do any time of the year. Add to this the exquisite hospitality offered by West Edmonton hotels and you realize why this is a must-visit destination.

Well, you might have visited the city many other times but do you know there are many things you still don’t know about it? In fact, residents here still keep discovering new facts and this is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Below are some fascinating things that will make you see this destination in a cool new way:

  1. Sun galore: This is the sunniest city in Canada with over 2,000 hours of sun throughout the year with long summer days and less precipitation than other locations.
  2. Panoramic scenery: Lush greenery, beautiful woods, the refreshingly calm Saskatchewan River, and myriad parks, all these make this an alluring laidback yet modern place.
  3. Canada’s festival City: There are over 30 festivals annually, and big shows, which make this an exciting place to visit.
  4. W.P. Kinsella, the author of Shoeless Joe, which spawned the movie Field of Dreams started off here.
  5. Telus World of Science is a science marvel and it is the country’s largest planetarium.
  6. West Edmonton Mall (WEM), North America’s largest mall, equivalent to 47 blocks and featuring the world’s largest indoor lake is to be found here.
  7. This is home to the country’s largest living history museum (Fort Edmonton Park).
  8. Home to the world’s highest streetcar bridge, High-Level Bridge Streetcar, built in 191.
  9. You know Michael J. Fox, right? From Family Ties, Spin City, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future, this talented movie star boasting 4 Emmys and 4 Golden Globe Awards comes from here.
  10. Elk Island National Park is home to the highest density of hoofed mammals per square kilometer across the world.

So much to learn around here. To explore and learn more, make sure you find a good hotel with high-class amenities, VLT lounge, fitness center, great location and free parking. It is advisable to take your time and research about the reputation of the hotel you want to stay in. Go online and read reviews and testimonials from other guests. More importantly, make sure the establishment is conveniently located near the best attractions.

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