Mazatlan Real Estate – Beachfront Combined With Restored Colonial


Mazatlan Real Estate presents the most developed option for a combination of beachfront luxury, and colonial tradition. On Mexico's Pacific coast, just across from the tip of Baja California, Mazatlan presents an excellent option for those looking for a Mexico Homes with access to a well developed system of marina ports for yacht travels (which links the various parts of the north part of The Pacific and Baja California), and a home which brings all of the rich atmosphere of an authentic colonial city.

Soft sand, warm water and beautiful sunsets make the Mazatlan beachfront one of the most beautiful places to live in Mexico. Residents will name evening walks on the beach as one of the most memorable and relaxing activities that they can remember in their lifetime. This lifestyle can be enjoyed through life directly on the beachfront, in luxury condo, or in a comfortable villa near the beachfront.

The same beachfront can be enjoyed by Americans and Canadians who choose to live in the colonial heart of the city. In addition to this, residents can enjoy the true romance and nostalgia of a part of Mexico's living heritage. While many other colonial cities exist, few enjoy Mazatlan's well established success in international tourism and the accompanying range of lifestyle and activities, and even fewer combine this with a spectacular beachfront.

The strength of Mazatlan's tourism was reflected during the spring / Easter vacation period, when the area reached nearly 100% hotel occupancy on key days, and a spectacular average of 95% – significantly higher than most tourism areas even during their highest days. For real estate buyers, these numbers mean an ongoing development of the already established set of activities and services (everything from restaurants and tour options to new roads and health care) which help define the lifestyle of the area.

Just between April and June 2010, Mazatlan is hosting 8 major permanent events, a number unmatched even by other established beachfront destinations.

The colonial city center has been undergoing a significant restoration recently. In April, 2010, the second phase of the project in Mazatlan's Zona Dorada ("Golden Zone") begins, which includes the installation of underground wiring to replace all overhead cables. The 6 million dollars invested so far only in this particular section has also provided for a large number of gardens and trees, with about 230 new palm trees already in place.

The renovation of the Historic Center as a whole includes 174 city blocks, and has received a total estimated investment of about 20 million dollars by 2010, from both government and private sources, local, national and international. For Mazatlan in 2010, the 11 million allotted for such products is 32% higher than 2009, representing the growing interest in the area, and growth potential for real estate investors.

For those interested in buying a traditional Mexican style home in or near the colonial city, this investment means that the city's atmosphere will continue to add more to the lifestyle they have chosen.


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