Sponsored: Samsung Curved TV – Hannah

SUHD TV heralds the next generation of UHD picture quality and is set to wow you. It’s an amazing leap forward made possible by groundbreaking quantum dot technology. Put simply, these screens feature crystals 50,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair. They deliver stunning contrast and striking brightness – more than twice that of ordinary TVs. You’ll also find the vivid colour equally impressive. At 64 times better than you’d see on a standard TV, it has a cinematic quality.

As big screens go, Samsung’s SUHD TV’s range stretches from a more than generous 48” display all the way to the wide-eyed 88” JS9500. Beautiful whichever way you view it, with an elegant, sleek, curved look that isn’t just for show. The design also adds more depth to the screen making your enjoyment all the more immersive.

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