Devold presents the ultimate underwear test: Set fire to a base jumper!

What is the ultimate way to prove that flame retardant underwear works under extreme conditions? Well, by setting fire to a base jumper before he jumps off a cliff on 1200 meters height. Today, Devold releases their spectacular stunt film “The Devold Protection Challenge”.

The scene is set with stunning imagery from the rough mountain landscape in the near Helsetkopen. The music illustrates the tension and excitement before Tom Erik Heiman is about to perform one of the most spectacular base jumps ever performed.

Yes, this is stuntvertising at it’s best.

“The thing that concerns me the most is my pilot-chute (that opens the parachute). If the pilot-chute gets burned it might not work”, says stuntman Tom Erik Heiman before he is about to jump off a 1200-meter high cliff indulged in flames.

Adding flames to an activity that is already associated with high risk in the first place, doesn’t this sound reckless and unnecessary? According to Devold, it is precisely those situations where life and health is at risk where their products can make a difference.

“In this movie, we wanted to demonstrate that Devold Protection products withstand the most demanding challenges. We put our products in an extreme situation where they had to function optimally”, says Trond Sleipnes, Marketing Director in Devold of Norway AS.

Devold is a Norwegian manufacturer of protective underwear that protects against cold, heat, flames, static electricity and metal splash. The company was the first manufacturer to receive EU-approval for their flame retardant underwear.

“Through The Devold Protection Challenge, we wanted to focus on these situations. We wanted to test the products and its capabilities in a setting where there are no room for mistakes, where the stress level is high, and the focus must be entirely on the task”, saysTrond Sleipnes.

About Devold

Devold of Norway AS is an independent company with a long and proud history. We have produced high-quality wool clothing since 1853 – in fact we are the oldest manufacturer of knitted garments in Norway. Our aim is the same today as when Ole Andreas Devold founded the company 160 years ago: to create comfortable, high-quality clothing that protects people against the elements.

Devold of Norway serves two different markets, offering sports & leisure wear and protective clothing. Our goal is to maintain our renowned product quality, which is the result of a long tradition of craftsmanship combined with the best available technology, while continuing to develop new functional garments of appealing design.

Devold® sports and leisure wear comprises a wide range of comfortable wool underwear, socks, headwear, various types of mid-layer garments and knitted sweaters.

Within protective clothing we supply underwear, mid-layer garments, socks and accessories. All designed to protect users against cold, heat and flames.

For more information

Trond Sleipnes, Marketing Director
Mobile: +47 91 58 53 80
Devold of Norway AS

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