Home decor for the festive season

Home decor: When we think about any festival, the first thing that comes in our mind is decoration of our home. Decorate your home this festive season from kitchen to bed room to living room with silver utensils to silver furniture to furnishings to silver decorative items and much more. Kitchens are the most essential part of the household, your kitchen needs to be designed as you always visualise it to be and there’s nothing better when it is customised according to our needs. Make your kitchen, your lifestyle with Italian designed Modular kitchen. Add elegance and charm to your home with finely embroidered cushion covers and bread spreads.

To add a classy touch to your home few options can help you like silver centre piece, silver Candle stands, silver plated T-light holders, silver Oil Lamp, sterling silver Utensils, silver decorative pieces, silver flower vases, silver cladded wall art, Silver cladded sofa, chairs, console table and mirror this festive which will surely add a touch of royalty to your abode..

The Living room is the main room in the house for the entertainment of guests and where families sit together and enjoy a television programme. So celebrate this festive with colorful colors and decorate your living room with cushions, curtains, table Lenin in colors like beige, light golden, red, yellow, pink, blue and orange.  Wrong placed furniture makes your home cluttered and messy.  Décor your living room with traditional and ethnic designed sofa, console table and coffee table. You can also decorate your walls with beautiful wall art and god painting with silver frame to add a festive mood.

Lighten up your home with beautiful diyas, candles, candle stand and ethinic lamp shades. As the festive season is around you will get decorated beautiful Diyas and candles in the market with different shapes and designs. There are various kinds of lamps shades like trendy floor lamps, table lamps, indoor and outdoor lamps specially created to give your abode the feeling of warmth and class. Lamps always render an aesthetic look to your premises and provide sophisticated look to your home décor, undoubtedly making your home look gorgeous. You can add a warmth touch with beautiful T-light holder on centre table.

In every household a centre table or coffee table forms a place for social gathering. It can be used anywhere; from your living room to bedroom or even solely as a decorative piece. It may not be the most massive piece of furniture in your home or office, but it can definitely make a lasting impression. If chosen appropriately, not only will it enhance the look of your room but it will also save a considerable amount of space.

Add sparkle to your puja room with diyas and beautiful and bright flowers to get the festive look. Decorate your Puja thali with diya, laxmi ganesh silver coins, manjiras and laxmi ganesh idol to make festival more auspicious and worthy.

Now a day’s using floating candles for centerpieces has become very popular especially during festivals which adds a beauty, light and good ambience at home. You can also add flower petals around centerpiece with water and can be used scented and decorative floating candles also which are easily available in market. A floating candle centerpiece can be used at the dining table or at center table in living room.
On Diwali, Rangoli is made to welcome the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Rangoli can be made in various geometrical designs, religious themes, ornamental designs etc Rangoli is considered as an important part of this spiritual process. You can also decorate small rangolis with flowers at the corners in the house where you feel empty.

Brighten your dining room and living room this festive season with chandeliers. Adding a bit of sparkle to your home can offer that charm and elegance in the form of sparkling lighting to your dwelling. When someone enters our home; the first thing that catches their eye is, undoubtedly, the furniture and decor. Chandeliers have always been jewels of any home décor and they always seem to be evolving in terms of their designs. Chandeliers lend a classic and timeless appeal to your décor. Also chandeliers with a dimmer switch are in demand as they allow you to create a mood or modify the intensity of the lighting. However, one should consider the space that you’re going to install it in as you do not want to pick a chandelier that is a mismatch for the space that you are choosing it for.  Ornate and magnificent, chandeliers feature cascading crystals and other luxurious materials that radiate status and taste.

So give your home an unquestionably sophisticated look to maximize your decoration statement


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