Guide to mount tv over fireplace

This technique to mount tv over fireplace is not in demand only because its new but because it makes the place attractive and beautiful. Apart from this, it also saves space and the people who don’t have much space in their houses are very much conscious for purchasing something new that will serve but will not occupy much space.

It is the one thing that people are alert for but there are several other things that must be considered before taking any decision like television mounting. Hanging television over fireplace mount may also result into something very bad. It’s dangerous to do so as the warmth of the fireplace may heat up the tv set, so it’s better to take precautions before placing it on the wall.

Measurement must be made to find the correct location where it’s feasible to place the television over the fireplace. One needs to measure the area covered by the fireplace in terms of width and length. The wall is also needed to be measured where one is planning to mount the tv.  A required distance must be maintained between the fireplace and the television, otherwise the TV may boast. One can check the temperature using the thermometer. The consumer can just tape it above the fireplace where it wants to place the flat screen tv and if the temperature reaches above 90 degrees than the place is not suitable for the television mounting though the plasma tv have a cooling system.

It is the best idea to hang the television on the wall but before doing this its recommended to check the wall first, whether it would handle the weight of the television because these flat screen tv like plasma, LCD or LED are still heavy though they are lighter than the previous one’s and occupy less space. The most preferable wall will be the brick wall or stone wall and using anchor for mounting the TV is the best option. Using the studs for attaching the mounts will also provide a better protection. If the wall is not capable of not handling the load it’s better to use a stand.

After finding the appropriate location check the angel which is appropriate for comfortable viewing. Check whether glare is caused due to the presence of any sort of light source or window. Whether one is comfortable while watching it or is getting stressed due to it.

If a person is going to install it on wooden walls, the next thing would be to find the studs because the mounts are needed to be screwed into it otherwise it won’t be possible to mount the television on the wall.

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