Watch the new Volvo FL being chased by bulls

The stage is set for drama. Rhythmic music is playing when a painted red truck is being chased by bulls on the dusty streets of Spain. So here begins the latest film in the Volvo Trucks spectacular and acclaimed series of tests which we have previously seen in ” TheBallerina Stunt “, ” The Hook ” and “The Stunt Hamster ” . Latest live test ” The Chase ” has premiered on YouTube today.

– Having the bulls chasing the truck through winding lanes means that new Volvo FL really had to prove himself. And it did , says Lars Terling , Vice President Marketing Communications at Volvo Trucks.

In the new film ” The Chase ” the lead role of stunt is played by the driver Rob Hunt who is known for his role in big Hollywood productions. His mission is to drive a Volvo FL truck in a race located in the medieval Spanish city – chased by a horde of bulls. In the movie you can also see traditional Spanish bull runners trying to catch the red truck to jump into safety.

This stunt is for real.

– The city is old , the streets are very narrow and we were driving on slippery cobblestones. To also get chased by bulls during the time was a real challenge , says Rob Hunt. During the test, Rob Hunt got to maintain a minimum speed of 30 km / h to catch away the Bulls .

– The Bulls held a high speed and came close at times, but the truck handled the corners very well so
it was just to run, says Rob Hunt

#TheChase is recorded on the closed streets of Ciudad Rodrigo , the city in northwestern Spain, where bulls have their origin, in collaboration with the mayor and the city’s residents. The film is directed by Academy Award nominee Henry Alex Rubin, who along with a crew of 250 people and 28 cameras, including a oktokopter and a 360° camera filmed the stunt

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