FERRUCCIO Lamborghini’s RIVA Aquarama

Riva Aquarama is an absolutley amazing boat, the looks are just breathtaking. But there is one Riva Aquarama that is even more special, and is even the world’s fastest Riva Aquarama ever. That is the one that Ferruccio Lamborghini ordered  and re-built. Lamborghini loved the boat, but wanted something more. He lifted out the Riva engine and replaced it with two pieces from the Lamborghini 350 GT. As time went by, the boat faded but now this unique and legendary boat is restored to it’s original glory, and what a beauty she is.

Behind the renovation is Riva World who spent three years in order to give new life to the boat. Work has been done to the wooden hull, all buttons and knobs was removed and restored and all the chrome parts were trimmed up to the stunning “mirrors” they are today.

The heart is of course the beautiful and powerful engines. Dual 4.0 liter, V12, 350 horses each, that produce  an top speed of 48 knots.


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