SkyCraft SD-1 Minisport

The SD-1 Minisport Airframe is the result of 7 years of design in the Czech Republic.  The airframe uses simple, time-tested design principles that maximize strength while minimizing weight.  The primary materials used in the construction of the airframe are wood and carbon fiber.  Together these create an efficient, lightweight aircraft capable of 60 mpg at an impressive cruise speed of 120 mph.

With the design and materials imported from the Czech Republic, SkyCraft’s airplanes are then factory-built to ASTM standards on location in Orem, UT.  Each plane then undergoes rigorous flight testing beyond what is required by the FAA and ASTM until the plane is ensured to be 100% safe for many years of flight.


SkyCraft’s planes are powered by the German-engineered Hirth F-23 Engine.  This powerplant offers 50 horsepower along with dual ignition and fuel injection for added reliability and performance.  Fuel injection has been shown to drastically reduce the chance of engine icing, which is the leading cause of engine failure in General Aviation.  It is designed to handle high elevation and extreme temperatures. The Hirth F-23 has a 1,000 TBO, making its operational engine overhaul costs just an hour.


The instrument panel on SkyCrafts SD-1 Minisport is fully equipped with top-of-the-line technology.  The panel’s 7? Dynon SkyView Glass Display provides GPS, Synthetic Flight, and Collision Avoidance.  Their fuel management system uses electronic sensors that measure fuel flow into the engine, ensuring a precise reading which cannot be achieved with conventional float gauges.  A Dynon COM Radio is standard in each aircraft with 2-channel monitoring and GPS-based frequency that automatically dials into the nearest airport’s frequency.  An auxiliary port is included so you can listen to your iPod without interfering with radio communications.  The tachometer, heat gauges, and power management systems are all equipped with audio warnings whenever operation levels are unsafe.  All of the instruments are lighted for nighttime flying.

Standard Features:

Hirth F-23 Engine | Dual Ignition, Fuel Injection, 50 HP, 1000 hour TBO.

Dynon SkyView Avionics | 7? Glass Panel with GPS, Synthetic Flight, Collision Avoidance.

Removable Wings | 10 minute wing attachment process.

Integrated Dynon COM Radio | 2 channel monitoring, GPS-based frequency, auxiliary outlet.

All-Digital Panel | Audible warnings on tachometer and heat gauges when aircraft reaches unsafe operation.

Fuel and Power Management Systems | Precise fuel measurements with range and time to bingo. Audible warning on Power Management System.

Emergency Locator Transmitter | Hard-mounted to fuselage.

Navigation and Landing Lights | Night-VFR Approved.

Genuine Leather Interior | For supreme comfort.

Made to order right here. Please allow up to 6 months for production.

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